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Updated, June 2020.

The GCS Emporium is our Store name for our trading brand, Gue Creative Solutions (GCS). Produced 'G' Creative Solutions we a former Melbourne based eCommerce retailer established in 2019. We are fully Australian owned and operated. We are based in the Brisbane Suburb of Kedron having relocated in 2021. We service the Australian Domestic Market.

Why solutions you ask, well that's our approach to product buying - we don't want to just find, sell and ship you great products. We want to find and build solutions for everyday living. For managing life if you will. Why bring something into your world if it's not going to add some sort of value, right?

So here we are. Over the years we have loved some brilliant products and services and just wished they could be available here in Australia. 
Rather than wait, hoping one day they would arrive (we know typical millennial's..), we decided to bring them in ourselves. We also want to support great local businesses so want to focus most of our catalogue expansion on brilliant people and planet friendly products from Australian Designers and Manufacturers as much as possible. 

For our imports - at the moment we have arrangements for the direct importation and or supply of some products, or the approval for resale of some other products which we purchase from local wholesalers in Australia.

Check out shipping details for locations and lead times on our product pages. If you are an Australian manufacturer and would like us to stock your products get in touch with us.

At present, while we are in the early years of our start up importing and online retail business we are stocking a select range of products. These are products that we have tested ourselves, with friends, family and other customers. If you have products you love that you think we should be looking at adding to our collection, get in touch with us via our contact us page. We would love to hear from you.


Gue Creative Solutions (GCS) is an authorised reseller for Zoono Products, in Australia.

GCS Emporium is our online store, (gcsemporium.store) and is a trade mark of Gue Creative Solutions (GCS). GCS Emporium is an approved reseller of Zoono Products in Australia (Zoono Approved Authorised Agent). Zoono is a registered trade mark and Copyright of © Zoono Global 2020. Zoono Global is a Trademark of Zoono Group NZ. Zoono is scientifically backed by hundreds of scientific studies and Zoono conforms to regulations from around the world. Zoono has passed PAS 2424, EN13697, EN1276, EN1650 amongst many more antimicrobial efficacy tests. Details of test and further studies can be obtained from the manufacturer at at www.zoono.com  

eBay Australia .com .au logo. You can find GCS Emproium on eBay AustraliaYou can find us on eBay. We joined in June 2020. eBay is a website marketplace that runs retail sales and online auctions and shopping in which people and businesses buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services world wide. We sell our approved catalogue as approved by eBay to local eBay members in Australia. http://stores.ebay.com.au/gcsemporium
<!--MyShopping.com.au "Rated Store" Seal--> <a href="http://www.myshopping.com.au/SI--23134507__GCS_Emporium"><img src="http://www.myshopping.com.au/rated-store-small.gif" border="0" alt="GCS Emporium Store Information, Rating and Reviews at MyShopping.com.au"></a>Find us on myshopping.com.au We joined in June 2020. All our products are updated on a regular basis. You will need to click through to our website fo fulfill your order.


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Love these nesting bowls

The lids are super tight - nothing escapes - and are great for leftovers and kids lunchboxes. The mini ones are great too. Came back for more!

Travel cutlery in box

Excellent quality, love metal box for storage, just what I needed.

15ml Australian Natural EDP Eau De Parfum Spray Vintage Style - Pink

GCSemporium was prompt in their delivery of my order. Amazing service. Thank you.

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